Dragon's Breath - Plastic Welder for bodyshop - Teknel

Dragon's Breath - Plastic Welder for bodyshop - Teknel

Welding system for plastics, allows you to repair damaged plastic parts of the car body and bumpers, melting plastic rods that blend with the piece, which can then be machined and painted.


    With the plastic welding system of Teknel you have a complete and perfect interaction and amalgamation between the plastic components you are working on;
    - better resistance and elasticity.
    - No smoke inhalation during this working and welding phase, also thanks to a special pistol.
    - Possibility to regulate the temperature directly on the pistol, digital thermometer on it.
    - Pressure regulator and manometer
    - the pistol tube 2,75 metres long and the power cable 2,8 metres long allow you to work up to a distance of 5,55 metres
    - It is possible to repair broken plastic portions and even rebuild missing plastic portions.
    - Coupling for the air compressor
    - Nozzles kit for air exit
    - You can work the repaired portion of plastic after only few seconds
    - Optional: trolley upon request
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