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Teknel - Butterfly Evolution - 3,5kW

Teknel - Butterfly Evolution - 3,5kW

The portable induction heater Butterfly EVOLUTION (3.5 kW) was designed for the bodyshop.
Unique in the world for its characteristics, it creates an immediate heating of the piece, for straightening and unblocking elements in ferrous or aluminum material. The water cooling system allows you to carry out heating tasks without interruption.
It also makes it possible to use specific accessories for the bodyshop to easily remove the stickers without leaving glue residues, to pull the dents caused by hail and remove the fixed windows of a vehicle without difficulty.
With its 9 kg it is the smallest heater of its kind, suitable for body shops, tire and car workshops.


    - Max power: 3,5 kW (10 adjustable power levels)
    - Current absorption 16 A
    - Supply tension 230 V
    - Supply frequency 50/60 Hz
    - Liquid cooling
    - Capability to work on aluminium
    - Weight 9 kg
    - Possibility of using air-cooled body shop accessories. Available tools: dent remover, glass remover, sticker remover and bolt heater.
    - Optional: trolley upon request

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