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Teknel - Dragon Fly 3 - 3kW

Teknel - Dragon Fly 3 - 3kW

Portable induction heater Teknel DragonFly 3, suitable for car bodyshop.
It has the possibility to use 5 accessories for specific use on the car body, to detach the stickers without leaving glue residues on the paint, unlock rusted bolts, detach the fixed glas and repair the dents caused by hail.


    - Available tools: dent remover, bolts unlocker, windows remover, sticker remover
    - Max power: 3kW
    - Air-cooled
    - 50/60Hz
    - Possibility of working on aluminium
    - Starting button on the accessory to be able to work also in the most difficult areas.
    - Handle on the glove so that your hand is not directly in contact with the electromagnetic field.
    - high quality of the materials used
    - power supply 3 metres long
    - inductor cable three metres long
    - strong stainless steel handle
    - acoustic signal during the heating phase
    - Optional: trolley upon request
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