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Twin Series:

double heating head induction heaters


The TWIN POWER induction heaters series for ferrous materials and aluminium has been designed to meet the needs of the most advanced workshops and to be able to do the most difficult works: with a TWIN POWER induction heater you can work on more points of a piece to heat AT THE SAME TIME, doing the operation in less time and easily.


This induction heaters series, built to guarantee the best performance and reliability, is recommended for the most heavy and difficult uses. Suggested for industrial bodyshops, industries and big mechanical workshops.


All our machines are equipped with an INSULATION TRANSFORMER, to ensure to the operator and absolute safety, even in the most unfavourable and impredictable situations. 




Heating: double head

Available powers: 2x7,5kW - 2x11kW - 2x16kW

Max current consumption: 24A - 32A - 46A

Supply voltage: 400V three-phase

Supply frequency: 50-60Hz

Work frequency: 25-50kHz automatic selection

Continuous working time: more than 30 minutes 

Cooling system: liquid

Possibility of simultaneous work: yes



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