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Teknel products


Induction heaters, induction heating systems for industry, portable induction heaters, wheel alignment systems for trucks. In this section you'll find the various categories of products offered by Teknel as workshop equipment, equipment for the industry and bodywork equipment. Over 40 models in the catalog for every need.

induction heater
Induction heaters


With Teknel induction heaters you can heat ferrous materials and aluminium

quickly and safely: here you can find some induction heaters from our production, which will let you quit the welding torch. If you have particular needs, we can study a customized solution for you. 

bodyshop equipment
Induction heaters and plastic welders for Bodyshop


Carry out the work on the bodyshop with the right tools. Teknel offers a range of machines studied specifically to work on bodyshop, like pulling a dent caused by the hailstorm or remove car moldings and labels. 

induction heater
Battery-powered, hybrid and double heating head induction heaters


In this section you'll find products that can only be found in Teknel, like double head induction heating systems or battery powered machines.

wheel alignment for trucks
Wheel alignment systems for trucks


Carry out in a few minutes measures of camber, caster, alignment and TOE of trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, buses, driving and much more.

Teknel wheel alignment systems for trucks allows you to work quickly and accurately.

induction heating systems
Induction heating systems for industries


If you need big installations of induction heating systems for industry, Teknel can supply heating systems with powers that goes from 10 to 200kW.

induksjonsvarmer, induksjonsvarmeren

hydropneumatic pump
Pulling systems / hydropneumatic pumps


Straighten in a very short time and with great reliability the frame of the vehicle to repair with Teknel pulling systems.

Thanks to our hydropneumatic pumps you can have the maximum performance at the minimum cost. 

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