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Battery-powered, hybrid and double heating head induction heaters


In this section there are special induction heaters that you can only find from Teknel. 

portable induction heater


Teknel presents the first induction heater powered by battery in the world!


Work wherever you are without problems, carry out operations on the streets or in places where there isn't electrical connection: from today, your work can be done everywhere.


double induction heater


Teknel presents the induction heaters series with double-head heating TWIN


Satisfy the needs of your advanced workshop: work ferrous materials and aluminium in more points simultaneously, carrying out the work faster and even in difficult points with the double-head heating. 



induction heater, plasma cutting, welding machine


Teknel presents the ultimate working tool for your workshops, Teknel CERBERUS!


Induction heater, plasma cut and TIG welder all in one machine! Carry out every kind of work in the minimum time, having available every instrument with the maximum reliability guaranteed by Teknel. 

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