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The Power Calculator from Teknel is the only calculator that can provide you information and results on the power needed by an induction generator to heat something.
By entering various parameters, in a few seconds you will know the necessary power but above all you will be recommended the most suitable machine for the type of work you need.


There are simple instructions for easy, comfortable and quick use.
The parameters must be entered in the boxes in red and, where possible, the unit of measurement can also be chosen from the drop-down menus.
Remember that the initial temperature must necessarily be lower than the final one.
The total efficiency of the piece can range from 1 to 100 and for some materials the parameter is recommended on the screen.
When choosing the cylinder option for the shape, keep in mind that the inside diameter should always be smaller than the outside diameter.
The decimal numbers are not recognized as valid so if for example the parameter is 4.3 m, enter 430 cm in its place.


To perform the calculation just click on the "Calculate" button and the results will be displayed by scrolling the page down.
For a possible new calculation, just enter the new parameters and click "Calculate" again.


At this point, you are ready.
To go to the calculation, click on the "Go to calculation" button below.

For any problem you can contact us by sending an email to or by calling +39 0432 837914.

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